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BAGG is an add-on GUI Library for Allegro, written in C++. It is designed specially for games.
My goal was/is to create a small and flexible (OOP) library for creating a (custom) game GUI.
One that is nice to work with as a programmer, with bagg you can modify and control basically everything in your GUI.

Yes I know, there are already several GUI libraries available next to allegro's own GUI,
But there are few that are suitable for game GUI's with bitmapped graphics.
Using BAGG you will be able to do bitmapped (skinned) gui graphics. But it's also possible to write your own drawing code for example by using drawing primitives. (see features for more details)

If you are interested in what other GUI libraries are available, take a look in the lib section
at the allegro depot :

This library uses allegro, but does NOT use allegro's GUI in any way.
It is not a 'wrapper' or an attempt to make allegro’s GUI look good (no offence :) )
Bagg uses only allegro functions, it does not depend on any external libraries.
It is likely that bagg will compile on the platfroms supported by allegro (although, so far I have not tested this for all).

This library is still under development
Help and/or comments are very welcome.


[19-may-2005] v 0.3 ready, lot's of new stuff!

[8-jan-2005] BAGG v 0.2 ready, lot's of new stuff!

[1-sept-2004] Created and uploaded project webpage



Some screenshots for a basic impression. if you use the library, and have a nice screenshot feel free to send it to me!


Old Test Screen

Older test screen

Old Test Screen

Older test screen

Old Test Screen

Using several appearances

Old Test Screen

Older test screen


Tetris Game

Library-prototype in one of my games

Skin Testing

Skin testing

Window Testing

Window Testing




Download from sourceforge


Full documentation not yet available


Ready Soon!

Custom Controls

Source code and or graphics for custom controls, if you have made a cool looking custom control, please submit!

None so far


For bugs, suggestions or feature requests send an email :


It's also possible to use the sourceforge system for this -

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